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In Home Physical Therapist

HPT NYC therapists are experts in their field, and we’re very passionate about physical therapy. Our home physical therapist team is made up of dancers, Pilates instructors, golf experts, skiing and snowboarding experts, knee specialists, shoulder specialists and marathoners. Our physical therapists speak regularly at health clubs and also provide ergonomic consultations.

Each home physical therapist prides themselves on providing some of the best hands-on manual therapy in New York, and regularly take continuing education classes to keep up with recent advancements in our field.

HPT NYC‘s physical therapists work with some of the best spinal, knee, hip and shoulder surgeons in New York, together with many physiatrists, pain management, and sport medicine specialists. Each in home physical therapist can provide you with tailored at home physical therapy wherever you are.

Be it post-surgical, pre-surgical, sporting injuries, back or neck pain or sprains and strains, your in home physical therapist can help you to become pain-free and regain full function. Contact HPT NYC and book an appointment with a qualified home physical therapist today.


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