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Workplace Solutions

Whether it’s picking up files in an office, sitting for 8 hours per day, moving stock in a retail outlet, or carrying parts in a factory – just about every job in every industry places some physical stress on the body. That means just about every employee is at risk of suffering painful sprains and strains, or even serious back injuries.

Sprains, strains and back injuries account for more than half the claims made to Worker’s Compensation and are responsible for the vast majority of workdays lost through injury.

So what can your company do about it?

HPT NYC has been providing on-site physical therapy to employers and large corporations for 10 years.

In this time, we have been able to drastically reduce employee time off due to injury by implementing work-safe practices for employers and employees alike. We have specifically worked with The Economist, Colgate-Palmolive and the Hearst Corporation in NYC.

Through early diagnosis and treatment, we can help minimize unnecessary Worker’s Compensation claims. By doing so, the unnecessary costs of insurance claims and premiums associated with injury can be reduced or even prevented.

 On-site PT can aid your business in the following ways:
·      Decrease employee absenteeism
·      Save thousands of dollars per year in injury expenses
·      Decrease worker’s compensation premiums with insurers
·      Increase employee productivity
·      Build a stronger employee-employer relationship

The following services are provided to your organization:

Occupational Health & Safety Solutions
·      Work Station Assessments / Office Ergonomics
·      Ergonomic Work Site Assessments
·      Manual Handling Risk Assessments
·      Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Injury Management
·      Rehabilitation/injury management
·      Pre-employment Screening
·      Work Site Assessments for Return to Work
·      Evidence based injury management advice

Training & Education:
·      Health and Safety Training
·      Injury Prevention Strategies
·      Manual Handling Training
·      Educational seminars


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